Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Know that Life Can Imitate Art, but

When I wrote the latest description for this blog, Anyone can sell crap, we sell sh**, I was just having fun…

Never did I think that NYT would do anything like this.

Calvin, I know that there could be another Calvin Sims or two at NYT, but I can recognize that voice anywhere. What's going on at the NYT-Discovery Channel? Or is it just the NYT now? You make your Canadian colleague Norimitsu Ohnishi look like a flaming Japanese nationalist. You make Fox News look fair and balanced. Well, not really. But you see my point.

And Mr. Orr, I don't know you, but judging from this video, I think that you should stick to financial education.

SG, who sent alerted me to this link, is reminded of Beijing and Pyonyang. I think that it's more unreconstructed old-school Socialist Partythink.


MTC said...


Thank you for highlighting the authorship of Calvin Sims.

Now I know I never have to watch the video. Well, maybe to organize the signing of a mass protest letter.

I remember Mr. Sims's tenure in Tokyo as a NYT reporter. It was brief and embarrassing.

He ascribed his failures (and oh, they were many) to his having been the victim of racism. Sadly they could really only be ascribed to his soul crushing incompetence.

Jun Okumura said...

It's funny, MTC, I still can't bring myself to dislike the guy. We got along so well when I was in New York..