Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guess Why I'm Not Going to Cash The TNI Check…

The check arrived today from The National Interest, and do you know what? I'm not going to cash it. But not because I'm going to frame it just yet, either. You see, I live in Japan, and the amount of the check is not even enough to cover the cost of having it cashed, then deposited in my bank account here. The BMW, which looked like this to me, now looks like this.

The moral of the story? Keep your McDay-Job, unless you've stumbled on to the next Harry Potter.

Just having a little fun, Nick. I'll write for you any time, okay?


Garrett said...

TNI sent you a check? Those bastards. I feel your pain. I've been paid a couple of times with personal checks from the US, which is absolutely worthless unless it's for thousands of dollars.

I'd even go so far as to say that paying someone outside of your own country by check shows either an amazing ignorance or a disregard for the person you're paying bordering on rudeness.

On another note, it's good to see that you're back to being prolific. Thanks for all of the good election-related posts.

Jun Okumura said...

Well, Garret, it's given me material for the blog. And thank you for your kind words.