Sunday, July 29, 2007

While Waiting for the Rain to Let Up I Find This, about the Art of Spin.

Robert Novak brings you this:

Karl Rove, President Bush's political lieutenant, told a closed-door meeting of 2008 Republican House candidates and their aides Tuesday that it was less the war in Iraq than corruption in Congress that caused their party's defeat in the 2006 elections.

Rove's clear advice to the candidates is to distance themselves from the culture of Washington. Specifically, Republican candidates are urged to make clear they have no connection with disgraced congressmen such as Duke Cunningham and Mark Foley.

In effect, Rove was rebutting the complaint inside the party that George W. Bush is responsible for Republican miseries by invading Iraq.

I wonder how John McCain, whose principled support of the war in Iraq has never been questioned, and Fred Thompson, the successful ex-lobbyist, would respond to that.

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