Saturday, July 04, 2009

Of Rabbit Hutches and Love Hotels? Oh the Cultural Clichés…

This CNN reporter thinks that “[l]ove hotels fill a need for privacy in a country where high population density often means couples have little time alone.” Actually, this reminds me of a story about urban, daylight, car sex in Italy. I think they both have a lot less to do with high population density and a lot more to do with young adults living with their parents. I mean, where are the love hotels in Manhattan?

What do you think? And is there an American connection between adultery and suburban motels? Or Argentine cruises?

And what the heck does the CNN desk mean by “Love Hotel business Zooms”? What are the revenue figures?


Janne Morén said...

Of course the living-with-parents thing is a major contribution, rather than apartment sizes. If you disapprove of single living - to say nothing of premarital cohabitation - people will find another way to get together, and in Japan the Love hotel is one such way.

That said, it does not explain the popularity among the middle-aged set.

Bryce said...

I second the "not doing it in front of the parents" rationale.

Jun, looking to get into the market? Here you are:

Better still, the international market for love hotels is based in a tax haven.

Janne, the thing about not wanting to do it in front of the parents is that it works both ways. I'm sure middle-aged parents are not really excited about the prospect of fun and games in front of the kids.

Benjamin said...

The love hotels in Manhattan are on 14th street, Jun.

Jun Okumura said...

Janne: I second Bryce’s comment, Plus, some of them must be playing the field, if you know what I’m saying.

Bryce: The backstory on Miro Mijatovic, the managing director, is just as fascinating.

Ben-kun: Yes, I see they have go-kyukei rates. But the technical term appears to be “by-the-hour hotel.” Now where’s the romance in that?