Saturday, July 25, 2009

Air Yakiniku

Chances are, you may have already seen the Air Yakiniku website. It’s creating a little buzz on the Internet—21,700 Google hits when I checked just now—and came to me by way of this NYT blog post. What most people haven’t taken note of till now is the fact that it’s brought to you by Recruit Media Communications, a media production company and member of the Recruit group. This means it’s an innovative form of corporate viral self-advertisement that is also intended to bring in revenue, as Sapporo and other food & beverage businesses set up shop in this virtual food court. Note that you have to BYOB to the Sapporo “restaurant.” I don’t see the virtual food court having a long shelf life—it’s not really addictive, unless RMC keeps adding new features and new advertisers, which may be difficult to do.

Sorry, I’ll respond to you later, Matt. And my lack of attention to your previous comment, Mark, continues to weigh heavily on my heart.

Perhaps not by pure coincidence, I found the link in my email box on the same day that I’d seen on the subway for the first time a Smirnoff Ice Spice ad featuring three circular panels of a man mixing an air cocktail. Each of the panels was entitled (somewhat misleadingly) “air cooking story.”

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