Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moi, on the North Korean Nuclear Test

My instincts tell me that I shouldn’t post this. But I will anyway.

Quoted at length here, on the North Korean nuclear test. There was a minor misunderstanding or two, obviously due to the fact that I had to talk from my stupidphone at a hospital without the best of reception while waiting for a phone call from my sister overseas to my mother, who is now going through her second chemotherapy. And of course, some of what the source thinks is the best stuff ends up on the cutting floor. It always does. But we’re all professionals. And we’re all in. And that’s the way the world works. And I was not misquoted in a materially significant way.

All in all, I should be grateful, and I am.

* For one, it makes my mother happy.*


Jan Moren said...

Chemotherapy sucks. It sucks more than anyone can imagine. But dying of cancer sucks even worse. And it will take one of us out of three, no matter how we live* or what you do. Cancer really, truly sucks, at a global level and as a personal tragedy.

* unless you smoke. That sends you to the tenteki-ward faster and surer than anything else.

Jun Okumura said...

Oddly, my mother has never touched the stuff. But yes, it makes it that much harder to understand why marijuana is banned when cigarettes are legal.