Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year, Plus Something from the Supreme Court of Japan that Might Be of Interest to You

Happy New Year, folks.

Were you aware that the Supreme Court of Japan provides English translations of its decisions? Right here. The information comes courtesy of Paul Sracic, the expert that I referred to in the previous post (he’s had my respect since he came out well ahead of the curve on the 2010 US elections), has taken a strong interest in Japan-US relations since he came to Japan as a Fulbright Lecturer. It’s yet another useful resource for people who can’t read Japanese but want to go to the source. I don’t need the Supreme Court translations for myself but it’ll be useful when I want to cite decisions. More generally, I’ve been using the internet long enough to remember when Japanese online resources were few and far between and I’m happy when any institution makes that extra effort.

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